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Meet Brent and Brook Parent


We are a 2nd generation builder. In 45 years, our father Al has turned an interest in new homes into a family legacy. For Al, home building is a joy. In just a few moments’ conversation, it’s easy to see how much he loves the business, and the homes we build. He has passed this love for the business to his sons. Brent and Brook enjoy the challenges of new home construction. With just one step into a home built by Parent Custom Homes, you will discover why these homes are special. Construction with an eye for detail, exquisitely crafted, and meticulously finished, a Parent Custom Home is truly a joy to behold. Run your hand along the surface of a kitchen cabinet, satin-smooth. Open the door to the laundry room and find cabinets specially designed to handle clothes baskets. Millwork installed and mitered with the utmost care.

“I had visited the Fall Parade of Homes for years and discovered a need for more attention to detail and basic quality and craftsmanship,” Al explains. “I really got started to fill that gap.” Today, the company completes 10-12 homes each year. Like their father Al, Brent and Brook were all born and raised in Anoka and are happy building close to home but have expanded their building area to an 1 1/2 hour radius from the metro area. Almost a part of the family, many of our subcontractors have worked with the company for many years. We speak very highly of everyone, stressing the loyalty and understanding that have developed in their relationships. Rarely have we had to change our subcontractors. We know what to expect from each other, and we know we can depend on each other. Our clients appreciate knowing that the same contractors will be with us when they choose to finish a lower level or make other improvements.


Brook and Brent Parent

Photo by Artisan Home Tour • Erica Loeks Photography

Personal Attention

Brent and Brook both learned a lot about construction when they were growing up. Working on site during the summers in high school and college has given them firsthand knowledge of what it takes to build an exceptional home. Brent and Brook now handle all of the scheduling, organizing and on site supervision, as well as administrative office duties.

Owners Brent & Brook Parent will work direct with you throughout the entire building process and warrantee period. We personally supervise each and every house we build, the exact same way as we would when building a home for our ourselves. Staying small allows us to accomplish 2 important things. It enables us to get to know the owner and develop a personal one-on-one relationship, and it allows us to maintain a level of quality, attention to detail and customer service that is not matched in the industry.

Relying on Referrals and Parades

Most of our customers have either been referred to us from a past buyer, or have visited a Parent Custom Home on display during the Parade of Homes. Often Parade visitors show up year after year. And, as Brent Parent says, “these are the people that know who will build their dream home; it’s just a matter of when.”

Whether a new customer is a referral or Parade visitor, each already has a pretty good impression of Parent Custom Homes. Past customers have spent months working with the Parent family, and most end up as good friends, ready to tell their friends and acquaintances, about their great home-building experience.

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